Vespa Joyride

Many come to Bali to shop handicrafts in tourists art market / galleries. And few know that many of the articles are made at local homes. A combination of guided Vespa ride and walk through real Balinese kampongs, see how humble traditional tools make your favorite art articles, and buy few from the direct producer if you want. When time permits you may make a stop to taste en-route local delicacies, visit local temples, or even play fun soccer with the local kids!


Half Day




USD 64
for 2 person


  • 6 hours tailor-made route journey on Vespa
  • English speaking guide assistance
  • Vespa rental (self ride)
  • Helmet & raincoat for 2 persons
  • Face masks, hand gloves, & hand sanitizers for 2 persons
  • Shopping bags for 2 persons
  • Mineral water, Balinese coffee & local snacks for 2 persons


Support the local home industries, the soul of Indonesian products as a part of post global pandemic recovery chain. Their growth defines the growth of tourism as vehicle to national economic recovery.

How can you support?

Shop from local industries you'll visit in this ride. You may choose from many options of art industries according to your preference. Or help to promote their products through your social media.