Whether it is the first time, or a return to a side of Indonesia that captured your heart, make plan of your private travel based on your needs. Reveal your travel plan, express how you'd prefer to enjoy every moment of it, and let our expertise work to make it happen. Personalized itinerary is ideal for couples or friends enjoying a gateway, families looking for a special memory together, groups of personas with same interest fulfilling a mission, and solo explorer seeking for meaningful journey.


Many dreams of an adventure, only few live the dream. By land or sea, Indonesia is fantasy land for adventure seekers. Camping under the shelter of rainforest canopy in wild Sumatran jungle, living with the keeper of the rainforest of Siberut, three days crossing Sa’dan River in Sulawesi, respecting the orangutans in Kalimantan, searching in an epic quest for bird of paradise in Halmahera, looking into the wise eyes of sea turtle in Flores Sea, meeting the Korowai in West Papua, and so on, and so on. The list is endless.    


Just the two of us cruising a long river in Kalimantan. Our own boat. And we wish the nature to be kind to send fireflies to light romance in the jungle. And so we admire the beautiful ancient stories in Jogjakarta exposed in form of magnificent landmarks. A story about a prince who tried to build 1000 temples for a princess to the epic story of Rama and Sita. But my all time favorite is sharing laughter’s with old Javanese couples in their traditional house.


Ogoh Ogoh Parade that lights up Bali before the Silent Day…meet the warriors of Sumba celebrating the harvest in Pasola…attend the royal funeral rites of Tana Toraja…mark the maturity in tattoo rites of Mentawai…sacrifice an offering to the universe at Tengger highland…and the celebration never ends.


Experience the wonders of Indonesia just like how you want it to. Watching life pass by on one of a yacht and gain an insight into Indonesian culture. Spend days cruising around, stopping off at small or big islands, and diving off the boat into warm, turquoise waters. Be anywhere off the beaten track, unique and imaginative itineraries that are as far away from the typical tourist experience in any edge of Indonesia as you'll ever get.


A trek to Ijen Crater to witness the blue flame phenomena in a truly out of words experience. Walk in a long white sand pathway that breaks the ocean into two beaches at Dodola Island. Meet the prehistoric living dragon in Komodo National Park and enjoy the spectacular sunset that burns the sky. Indonesia is home for many more beautiful natures that ever exist.


From the walking sharks, eldest clove tree, to the World War II remnants in North Maluku to the story of tree-house tribes in deep jungle of West Papua. Uncountable landscapes across the vast archipelago, the epic Ramayana in Jogjakarta, megalith world, to the early man sites. Indonesia is a living museum in the history.