Soulful Meal

Travel back the time when family recipe was cooked in humble kitchen. Equipped with simple utensils made of clay on wood fire powered stove, the main ingredient of every dish is love. Elevate your cooking technique to present rich vegetarian traditional dishes from Bali in traditional kitchen. As if we really turned back the time, enjoy sometime of being a part of Bali ordinary living in 250 years aged house. Witness the carried life philosophy there and get social with hospitable community without the crowding.


Full Day




USD 135
for 2 person


  • Vegetarian cooking class in Balinese kitchen
  • Visit Pondok Jaka
  • English speaking guide assistance
  • Private vehicle with driver
  • Face masks, hand gloves, & hand sanitizers for 2 persons
  • Mineral water for 2 persons


Empowerment of local operator, usage of local ingredients from local farmers. Preserve the Balinese traditional values carried by community.

How can you support?

Arrange a special moment whilst visiting Pondok Jaka and interact with the locals. Allow the elders to tell their stories, help the ladies to prepare daily offering, and join the playful children in the game. As always, share your experience with the world.