Herbs & Waterfall

Handed down between generations, Jamu, Indonesian traditional elixir is a central figure to the livelihood, health, and culture of the people. A close look at most nourishing plants on earth and experience hand-prepared Jamu brewing is a mindful wellness for your health. As Bali is known to have endless list of famous waterfalls, a visit to hidden waterfall far from touristic crowd will let you immerse in a complete refreshing moment. Close your eyes, open your senses, and let the roar of the waterfall lift up your spirit.


Full Day




USD 109
for 2 person


  • Jamu making class
  • Light trekking to Air Terjun Punggul
  • English speaking guide assistance
  • Private vehicle with driver
  • Face masks, hand gloves, & hand sanitizers for 2 persons
  • Mineral water for 2 persons


Empowerment of local operator, usage of local ingredients from local farmers. Opportunity giving for local youth to learn guiding skill during waterfall trekking.

How can you support?

Value the knowledge & philosophy of Indonesian wellness practice. Tell a story about it. If you'd like to do more, we can include an en-route visit to local community centre or school for you to attend and do any skill-sharing to the children.